Bic Biro Teaches Us Change Isn’t Always The Answer


No doubt one of the biggest problems many companies face is their inability to change, adapt and evolve their product or service offering to remain relevant.

But you don’t always have to be the bright, shiny new thing.

You don’t always need to change.

Just take a look at the now ubiquitous Bic Biro.

First launched in the early 1950s and here we are today, almost 70 years later and nothing has changed.

It is basically the exact same product.

The clear plastic tube, with a stopper on the end and simple lid on the top.

That’s it.

It is beautifully simple.

It hasn’t changed. Why? Because it works, just the way it is.

Sometimes, you don’t need to change.

NB: Thanks to Nic Day for sharing the Bic story with me a while back.

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