Build Brand Equity – Tell Your Christmas Work Stories


While the rest of us are enjoying the Christmas Holiday Season, many more are out there working today.

And for those companies that do have people working today, it’s actually a great time to build Brand Equity by telling your Christmas Work Stories.

Whether it’s the special Christmas lunch in the staff canteen, or someone giving you a little Christmas pudding coz they see that you’re missing out on Christmas, or the little bit of sadness you have at missing your family Christmas.

All of those little experiences, if they are true and genuine to your people, help build your Brand Story.

After all, a brand is really the sum of the people who interact with it.

So, start documenting your Christmas Work Stories today and then next year, maybe a week before Xmas, you can start sharing those stories and giving your customers a little genuine insight into who you are. A glimpse behind the brand curtain.

Happy Happy Ho Ho!

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