Can A 20/80 Tomorrow Spa Model Still Be Called A Spa?


In a follow up from Ep. #671 – where I shared my thesis that the Spa of Tomorrow will be only 20% of what we know a Spa to be today, with the other 80% being something completely different – today’s question was…

If you’re 20% massages and manicures and 80% business center, are you still a spa?

The answer…Sure! Why not?

We have very different definitions today of what a taxi service should be – thanks to Uber.

We have very different definitions of the best form of management, of inclusion, of sustainability, etc.

Is the Spa Industry really arrogant enough to believe that it shouldn’t need to redefine itself?

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Here’s a link to Ep. #672 where I expanded on my 20/80 Tomorrow Spa Thesis –