Change Is Inevitable But Real Transformation Demands Effort.


This is a message that I feel is especially relevant for those in my age demographic.

If you’re young, you know you need to put in the effort to transform yourself into a supervisor or manager. You don’t have the score on the board yet. So of course you need to put in the work.

However, if you’re in your mid-40′ to mid-50’s and have achieved some level of success, it’s easy to just assume that you’ve done all the work that is required.

Now all you need to do is wait your turn.

When my boss leaves, I’ll get her job.

When a new position opens up, of course it’ll be mine. Because I’ve already got the score on the board.

Indeed, I would suggest that it’s this very realisation, that transformation requires effort, that leads to the classic Mid Life Crisis.

We realise we’re not where we want to be. To get somewhere else we’ve got to make the effort. So we throw it all away and start again.

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