Could Patience and Empathy Be The Lasting Legacy Of COVID-19?


I think it’d be pretty naive to think that something that has caused such a dramatic change in our behaviours over such a sustained period of time, like this COVID-19 Pandemic has, will not lead to long lasting changes in the way we live our lives.

Looking at my own behaviours over the past year or so, I have become more Patient. I’ve had to. I’ve had no choice.

I’ve also become more Empathetic.

Now, I know many will recall the crazy scenes at supermarkets when people were hoarding toilet paper and pasta, with no thought for their fellow man.

Not a lot of Empathy being shown there.

But that was just our survival instinct. (yes, somehow people saw toilet paper as essential to their survival!?!)

Once we got over that though, we have been bombarded with stories every day of the terrible plight of others around the world.

That can’t help but lead to more empathy for what others are facing.

So, if Patience & Empathy are going to be at the forefront of our behaviours Post COVID-19, how does that impact your business.

Maybe quick service won’t be so important?

Maybe the brand stories that show empathy will resonate more deeply?

What do you think?

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