Customer Love Is Forever, Not Just During COVID-19


Over the past few months I’ve received more Customer Love than usual from brands and businesses whose products and services I have used at some time in the past.

Brands that have never previously been great at customer engagement or showing they care…all of a sudden do care.

Or do they?

Are they really trying to help ME out by sending me some discount vouchers to buy their thing? Or are they really just trying to drive their own revenues?

If you haven’t as much as sent me an email before to wish me a Happy Birthday and now, all of a sudden, you’re offering me discount vouchers to celebrate my birthday month, that kinda reeks of self-serving motives.

If this sounds like your company, it’s not great.

BUT, as long as you keep doing it from here on in, you’re forgiven.

Customer Love must be enduring, not fickle.

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