Do You Need An Image Release If Your Staff Are In Your Social Media Content?


Smart companies and brands and businesses are creating lots of content as part of their overall marketing and branding strategies.

And if they’re really smart, they’re using their own employees in that content. It’s what helps make the messaging seem more genuine and authentic.

But whether it’s photos, videos, audio or even written content, if your staff are part of it, you really should be getting their consent to use their images, likeness, content, etc.

It’s no different to when you hire a model for a photo shoot. They sign an Image Release or Content Release or Artist Release.

Even it’s for a 15 second video on TikTok, if a staff member is in it, you should get them to sign a release form.

If not, one day they might insist you take it down. Worse still, they can even sue you for damages.

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