Gatekeepers, Creators And Curators – An Evolution Of Opportunity


Not so long ago, it as the Gatekeepers who set the rules for just about every industry.

The barriers to entry were so high that only those with the most resources could enter the market.

And once they did, the made the rules.

Think any industry you like – Media, Transportation, Banking, etc.

Then, over time, largely thanks to technology, the costs of entry lowered.

Now, anybody who wanted to create, who wanted to build, could enter the market. And they did.

Clearly, thing because much more open and inclusive.

However, that still excluded those who weren’t creative or those who couldn’t build.

But the good news is, with all these new creators and builders, there is now so much stuff out there that people need someone to curate it all for them.

And ANYONE can be a curator!

Remember, you don’t need to be the ultimate authority on the subject to curate it.

All you need to do is say, ‘Here’s what I know. Let me share it with you.’

And that’s enough for people like you.

Still not convinced?

Have you ever been asked for a recommendation for anything?

If so, you’re a curator!

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