If Seasonality Is The Reason, Maybe There’s No Excuse?


I was asked by our finance folks if the drop in revenue from March to April this year could be explained by ‘seasonality’.

Well, I guess it could….but that’s not really the reason.

We are still so far off normality that it’s still way too early to blaming seasonality for the ebbs and flows in revenues.

But it did get me thinking about how easily in past we would use seasonality as the excuse.

Sure, we all know we have high seasons and low seasons.

But think about that for a second…we KNOW.

So, if we know it’s coming, what are we doing to try to counteract it’s impact?

And I’m not talking about dropping the prices or offering special local residents discounts.

I mean really significantly tweaking or morphing our business…just like many of us have been forced to do over this past year or so.

Not so long ago we would have just said it’s not worth the effort. It’s not our core business. It’s just a few months anyway.

But maybe if there’s one thing we’ve learned from COVID-19 is how quickly and significantly we can change our business…when we have to.

In the next low season, tell yourself you have to!

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