If The Intent Is Pure, Forgive The Failure…Up To A Point


Sometimes in life and in business…poo poo happens.

And when it does, people who have invested their time and money into new ventures can lose it all. And that hurts.

But that’s ok.

As long as the intent and effort behind the new venture was pure, then that’s just the cost of doing business.

However, if the intent was never pure, then it’s really just a scam.

And there’s a grey area where the intent was pure, but not enough effort was put in and as a result, it failed.

Some would say this too is just the price of doing business, of trying something new.

But I disagree.

If you are savvy enough to have a vision, to sell that vision to others, to convince them to invest their time and money…then you should be savvy enough to have a pretty good idea of how much work will be involved.

And if you’re not prepared to put in that work, then for me, it comes back to the purity of your intent.

We will only forgive your failure if the intent AND effort is pure.

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