If You’re A Supplier, You Still Have 13 Days Left


If you’re a supplier of just about ANY goods or services to just about ANY industry, these next 13 days could be HUGE for you!

There’s just 13 days to go until the end of the year, which for many businesses, also represents the end of the Financial Year.

So now is a great time to be invoicing for goods & services that will impact these businesses in 2020…because it means they’ll effectively be paying for it in 2019 books.

It’s almost like getting a head start on 2020.

Maybe they’ve had a great year and so have a bit extra to spend in 2019.

Or maybe they’ve had a horrible year and the year is a write off for them anyway and so they might as well take a little bit more of a hit in 2019, for the sake of getting a running start on 2020.

Either way, giving your clients one last opportunity to get an order in that hits the 2019 financial statement, is smart businesses.

NB: Thanks to Michael McMillan for highlighting this tactic!

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