Internalise, Rationalise And Then Publicise…If You Must


This is my new process for communicating and sharing important news, events, happenings of a personal nature.

I realised last night, as I wanted to share some news, that my first reaction was to just post it on Facebook. That’s where many of the people who I wanted to share this news with ‘live’.

But then I thought about the potential to draw a negative reaction from other, ‘lesser friends’ on the platform.

Some might be happy for me. Some will be envious. Some jealous. Some would disagree with my decision. Some would even politicise it.

So, in the end, I decided to…

Internalise – just take a moment to appreciate the news for myself ;

Rationalise – identify the 3-5 most significant people in my life and just share the news with them ;

Publicise – only then would I contemplate sharing it more broadly across social media…if I must.

I reckon that’s a pretty process.

What do you think?

#socialmedia #selfawareness #perspective