Maybe Your New Strategy…Needs A Strategy?


So often, businesses devote so much time, effort, money and resource to develop a new strategy, only to have it fail when they come to implement it.

According to Sam Spurlin, there’s a pretty basic reason for that.

The fail to implement changes within the Operating System (OS) of the organisation.

Your OS determines how your organisation functions on a day-to-day basis. The may you make decisions, level of autonomy, meeting & project structures, etc.

And if you need to implement a new strategy in the first place, chances are that’s because something has failed at the OS level.

If you try to introduce the new strategy into the old Operating System, of course it’s going to struggle, and probably fail.

So, before you spend too much time on a new strategy, ask yourself if you’re willing make meaningful changes to the organisation’s Operating System itself.

If you’re not, you may just be wasting everyone’s time.

Here’s a link to Sam’s great article on this –

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