‘Panic Media’ Plays An Important Role At A Time Of Crisis


There’s no shortage of people ready to take a swipe at the media.

No doubt, it’s often justified. But sometimes I feel like we’re by laying blame on the media we can somehow absolve ourself of any blame or responsibility or accountability.

Right now, many are blaming the media for creating a state of panic around this COVID-19 Pandemic.

And it’s true. This has happened.

But sadly, I think we needed it.

Without it, do we really believe that the collective community would have so quickly adopted the type of social distancing behaviours that the experts say we need to flatten the curve on the rate of infections?

Without ‘Panic Media’, would we have stopped going to football games, concerts, bars & restaurants?

I don’t think so.

When urgent action is needed, maybe ‘Panic Media’ isn’t such a bad thing.

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