See Your Skills And Experience At A Meta Level


People who have been the same type of job or the same industry for several years can sometimes feel they are pigeonholed into being ‘that guy’.

After I’d been in the hotel industry for several years, I was known as a ‘Hotel Guy’.

And that’s the type of career opportunities that I got.

The best was to avoid being pigeonholed is to view your skills and experiences from a Meta level, not a technical level.

For example, a hotel Food & Beverage Manager has specific technical skills that fit that role.

But…if she takes a Meta view…she’s a manager of people, systems and processes’.

With those skills, she can cross over to just about any industry.

Once you’ve established the Meta view, just ensure all of your messaging around yourself – you resume, Linkedin profile, social media posts, etc – all come from that Meta viewpoint, not the narrower, more technical one.

Good luck!

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