The Importance Of Them Understanding Your Logic


Here in Malaysia I can now, if we’re fully vaccinated, go out for dinner with my wife and dine-in at a restaurant.


We can not share the same Grab/Uber car.

So, we need 1 car each to pick us up from the same house, to take us to the same restaurant, where we’ll dine-in at the same table…and then 1 car each to take us home again.

I simply can not understand the logic of that rule.

The government has not shared their logic in making that decision.

As a result, we get frustrated and annoyed at such seemingly silly rules.

If I at least understood their logic, it would ease some of that frustration.

The same is true in any leadership or management situation.

If your people don’t agree with your decision, they at least need to understand why you made it and the logic behind it.

If they do, you’ll reduce the amount of disunity, unrest and disfunction within your team.

So, take the time to explain your logic to them.

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