The Opportunity For Branded And Themed Hotel Rooms


If I was running a hotel these days, I’d be approaching brands in my local area to create themed and branded rooms within my property.

What sort of brands?

Any and all brands could work.

But ideally, it would make the most sense for brands in the bedroom, living room, bathroom space. After all, that’s really what a hotel room is.

Bed, Bath & Beyond might be a good one.

IKEA would be a perfect example.

Even a hardware brand like Bunnings in Australia.

These branded hotel rooms could effectively become living showrooms.

A great place to market test new products too.

Imagine a Bunnings Hardware branded hotel room where you get a screwdriver upon checkin and you can remove the tagged products on the wall of your room and take with you when you check out.

There’s no end to the creative ideas you could come up with.

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