The Simple Way To Make Your Instagram Locations Pop


Lots of businesses reply on Instagram to give them some ‘social cred’.

Hospitality related businesses, especially, often have #nameofhotel #nameofattraction #nameofspa type of sign posted in a specific location around their property to encourage you to take a selfie there AND to tag them of course.

The problem is, most of these signs are BORING!

Granted, some of them do have an eye-catching location as a backdrop, but many do not.

So, if you want to get more people to post pics with your tag and also tag you…just make those spots more engaging.

Use some props. Encourage physical interaction with your hashtag sign and the spot.

Make it interesting to THEM, not YOU.

If you do, chances are you’ll not only get featured in more people’s Instagram feeds, but those posts will also get more engagement from their followers. Thus, giving you even more exposure.

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