Top 5 Reasons Why Even YOU Should Be On TikTok


TikTok is far and away the hottest social platform today.

Is it just a flash in the pan? Is it just a fad for the kids?

Or is it maybe going to become the next big social network?

Only time will tell us for certain.

But in the meantime, you’d be naive to not be at least taking a look and having a play with it.

My Top Reasons For Being On TikTok are…

1. It’s a HUGE platform. It’s not lots of attention. Lots of eyeballs.

2. An older demographic is coming. These platforms usually start young, then age-up.

3. Organic Reach on other social networks is disappearing.

4. TikTok is leading the way in short-form, mobile video content. And that’s a big deal.

5. It will awaken your creativity.

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