Tough Management Decisions In Times Of Crisis


For any business trying to make decisions at a time like this is really difficult.

The toughest of those decisions often revolve around your people. Your employees. Your teams. Your colleagues. Your friends.

If your business operates multiple units and maybe even in multiple countries, those decisions get even more complicated.

As someone overseeing multiple units across multiple countries, the past few days especially, have been crazy. But I think I’ve got some advice that might help…

Just take it one decision at a time.

Base each decision on what you know to be true – to the extent you can know anything for sure at a time like this.

Treat each business unit as it’s own unique business. To try to make universal decisions across multiple units at a time like this is almost impossible.

And finally, be prepared to potentially have to change or even reverse your decision tomorrow as new information comes to light or as circumstances change.

Good luck!

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