TRUE STORY: Why You Must Prioritise Your Systems & Processes


Here’s a REAL LIFE LESSON from me to you.

I travel a lot. I have a process in place for preparing, packing, traveling, etc. so that things don’t go wrong.

It’s a process that’s work great…until it didn’t.

This has NEVER happened in 1,000+ trips to the airport…I arrived at the airport without my passport.

When I finally finished kicking myself, I started to think about what lesson is in this for businesses.

The lesson is…

Every business has Systems, Processes & Procedures that work great…until they don’t.

The key thing is to set a Priority or Scale of Importance for these Systems & Processes.

Identify the top 3 or 4 which, if they fail, will have a critical impact on your business…then focus on them.

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