Unpacking The Milkman Model Opportunity


Once Upon A Time the Milkman used to deliver fresh bottles of milk to our doorstep. Then, the next day, he’d return and collect the empty bottles and replace them with fresh ones.

These days, we refer to that as a Circular Delivery Model.

Whilst it might seem like a nostalgic blast from the past, it’s actually a model that could make a lo of sense for a number of businesses.

If you have a product that is consumable and needs to be replaced or replenished, you should consider the opportunities in the Milkman Model.

It will get you closer to your customer and so you will be able to get real market feedback.

You can incentivise your ‘Milkman’ to upsell on the spot.

And even if the economics don’t quite work out now…just wait till Drone Delivery & Pickup becomes a thing in a few years.

NB: Here’s the BIG OPPORTUNITY…create a Milkman Aggregator Business. Provide the delivery and pickup/return services for multiple products and businesses.

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