We Miss The Annoying Things Too


We’ve missed out on some great experiences over the past year and a half.

Especially those related to travel.

But Malaysia Airlines have realised that we also miss some of the annoying experiences too.

So, they released an Autonomous Sensory Meridien Response (ASMR) Experience.

What’s that?

Basically, an audio experience.

You can sit back, close your eyes and listen the sounds of a flight from pre-boarding announcements right through to landing.

For me, as someone who has spent many, many hours listening to those sounds, I always found them really annoying.

But now that I haven’t heard them for so long, I found this audio experience oddly enjoyable.

You can check it out here … https://bit.ly/37rTzz7.

So, think about the annoying elements of your customer’s experience. Could you maybe create your own ASMR experience?

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