We React To Noise. We Respond To What We Recognise.


Imagine this…

You’re walking down the street and see a guy off in the distance who looks like your friend Steve.

You call out to him. Hey Steveo!

Nothing. So you yell a bit louder. Hey! STEVEO!

He turns around. It’s not Steve.

So why did he turn around?

He wasn’t Responding to hearing his name. He was Reacting to the noise.

If he sees something he Recognises, like you, his name or a problem you might be able to help him solve, he’ll Respond in a meaningful way.

If not, he’ll just move on.

We focus a lot on getting the Response. Creating products and services to serve wants and needs.

But sometimes in doing so, we belittle the value of the Noise. Too much Noise is bad, we think.

Remember, without the Noise, he wouldn’t have even turned around.

Sometimes the Noise can be just as important.

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