What The Hell Is A NFT And Why Should You Care Anyway?


NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token.

That means each token has a unique value.

Unlike, say, a $1 bill, which is a kind of Fungible Token.

That is to say, that each $1 bill has the same value.

And why NFT’s matter is that they can be attached to digital assets (like a photo, an audio file, a video, a GIF, even a meme) and assigned a value.

By attaching the NFT to your digital content you are also essentially creating attribution. Establishing that you are the creator and owner of that content.

As NFT’s life on the blockchain, they are forever part of the digital ledger.

What all this means for the creators of digital content, it now makes it much easier for them to not only establish ownership, but also then on-sell or lease that content to others.

Here’s a great article on NFT’s to help you understand a bit more – http://bit.ly/3urz0wH

And here’s the ATTN.live website I mentioned in the episode – http://bit.ly/3uoNYUk

Finally, Ian Utile’s Twitter – https://bit.ly/3pEovTi

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