When Is The Best Time To Call


Not so long ago we often found ourselves asking ‘When’s the best time to call?’

But that was a different time. A different world. A world without the mobile phone.

Today, we’re in a mobile-first world. We’re always on. Always connected.

And with that comes the flexibility for us to take and make calls whenever we want.

So in actual fact, the best time to call me is ‘My Time’.

The problem is, you have no way of knowing when exactly ‘My Time’ is for me.

‘My Time’ is different for everyone and also varies from day-to-day.

Today, I might want to take a call in my car on the way home from work.

Tomorrow, I might have someone with me in the car, so that’s not a good time.

So, if you’re the caller, don’t worry about. Call whenever you want. But just understand that I too will answer &/or respond whenever I want.

The critical thing is not the time that you call, but making sure that whatever message you have for me is compelling to me. If it is, I can guarantee I’ll be calling you back soon.

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