When The Machines Do The IQ, EQ Becomes The Differentiator


IQ is a measure of your intelligence.

Your intellect.

Your ability to solve logical problems, to learn technical skills, etc.

In the past, this was definitely a key factor in separating the winners from the losers.

But as technology has improved, much of work that one required high levels of IQ, are now being done quicker, better
and more accurately by computers.

Today, it is your Emotional Intelligence that is more likely to determine your success.

The ability to sympathise, empathise and understand people, real human beings, that’s what matters.

As all the cool kids take off on their NFT and Web3 journey, fear not.

The ability to connect people, engage people and build teams and communities is a massive asset in this new world.

Many would say that in this brave new world, it is your EQ that will be the differentiator.

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