Why Not Offer Candidates The Top Of Your Salary Range?


We’ve all seen those job ads that offer a salary range, based on the candidate’s skills and experience.

Invariably, the successful candidate finds themselves offered a salary which is not at the top of that range.

The reason given of course is that they didn’t have quite the skills & experience their new employer was looking for. So they end up with 10% less than the top salary that was on offer.

Are they now expected to work 10% less? No.

Were they the best candidate available? Presumably yes, otherwise they wouldn’t have been offered the job.

So, you get the job. But you’re not quite good enough. We’re really settling. So we’ll give you less and then, if you can prove your value, we’ll consider an increase later.

Not super motivating. In fact, probably more demotivating than anything.

Instead, why not offer them the top of the salary range from Day 1?

If they don’t meet the agreed performance criteria within 6 months, then adjust their salary down.


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