Will The World Of Post-COVID Age Of Travel Be Elitist Too?


The early days of ship travel was something for the elite.

Same with the early days of airplane travel.

Only the elite could afford it.

Over the years, we’ve come to expect that travel is available to the masses.

But what will happen in the Post-COVID Age of Travel?

Airlines and Cruise Ships have lost a lot of money during the pandemic. Will they need to increase their ticket prices now?

If only vaccinated travellers are permitted, that will surely exclude many of the poorer nations initially.

If hotel quarantine and multiple COVID tests are required, this will again mean higher costs. Thus, potentially limiting travel to only the wealthy.

And IF travel is, for at least a period of time, only for the elite, what happens to the many travel and tourism related businesses built for the mass market?

A 3 star resort? Where will their guests come from?

Lots to ponder.

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