Work With People Whose Company You Enjoy


It’s one of those age old questions.

Should you work with your friends?

Or should you keep your work life and your personal life separate?

I used to subscribe to the theory that you work life and personal life should not mix.

However, my thoughts on that have changed…a bit.

But it’s not so much about working with friends…but working with people whose company you enjoy.

That doesn’t mean you have to be best friends with them.

Nor does it mean you need to hang out with them after work.

It simply means that you surround yourself at work with people who you enjoy being around, working towards a common goal.

Of course, that might not be quite as easy when you’re younger. Sometimes you just need to take whatever opportunities are there.

But as you get old, you become a little more comfortable with what you enjoy and what you don’t. You also tend to become a bit more selective about how you spend your time..and who you spend it with.

Life’s short. Work with people whose company you enjoy.

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