You Don‘t Have All The Answers Now, Either


Usually, making those big, life-changing decisions is scary because there’s so much we don’t know.

We want to get all the answers to all our questions before we pull the trigger.

The reality is, of course, we may never get all the answers.

And here’s the other reality…you don’t know all the answers where you are now, either.

You may think you do. But there are always factors outside of your control.

Your boss may have already decided to restructure your department.

Your long time girlfriend may have already accepted a big promotion that means she has to move across country.

So, instead of stressing about getting all the answers you need, just agree on a few ‘must knows’.

For example…

You must know where you’re going to live – even if it’s only temporary – when you make the move.

You must know that you have enough cash in the bank to survive for 12 mths with no income.

Now, once you’ve answered those two ‘must knows’, you’re ready to pull the trigger on that life-changing decision.

Easy, right?!?!?


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